Disbursement is the process used to make your financial aid funds available to you.

Your Financial Aid Payment (Disbursement)

Your financial aid funds will be disbursed to you by mail. All financial aid checks are handled and mailed out to you by the Fiscal Services Office in C-203. The Office of Financial Aid does not process or issue checks.

Checks returned as undeliverable will be canceled. Canceled checks will not be reissued automatically. To have your check reissued, submit a written request to the Office of Financial Aid. Make sure that your address on LancerPoint matches your current address.

When Will You Receive Your Financial Aid

Typically, you receive two disbursements each term. Awards are divided into equal payments per semester, and you receive a percentage at the beginning of the semester and the balance before the end of the semester.

A few awards follow a different disbursement schedule:

  • Payments for Cal Grant and/or Direct Loan typically occur 30 days after the start of the term.

Enrollment and Disbursement

The amount of aid you receive depends on the number of units you are enrolled in at the time of disbursement. If you add or drop units before the freeze date, your award/disbursement will be adjusted accordingly. Learn More